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Architecture and Engineering Services Based in Anchorage, Alaska

Larsen Consulting Group, Inc. is a company located in Anchorage, Alaska, providing architecture, land surveying, and engineering services throughout the state. We have the ability to provide professional services to all types of construction companies, builders, municipalities, and corporations for everything from custom homes to roads, sewers, schools, and large construction projects.

"Every now and then, we design a project for a very special purpose. These projects become a labor of love."

John E Larsen Jr. LCG Founder


Alaska Native Musher Ramy Brooks, Engineering Services in Anchorage, AK


About Our Company
The Larsen Consulting Group was founded and began operations in 1993 as a civil engineering design firm. Since then we have expanded and increased the variety of our services. Architecture and structural engineering were added in 1995, land surveying in 1996 and “housing packages” supply in 2000. Since our beginning we have completed more than XXX projects located in XXX communities around Alaska.  We have served more than XXX clients including housing authorities, tribal governments, cities, state and federal agencies, the oil industry and other private clients. Many of our jobs are with repeat clients, which is a testament to the satisfaction of the people we serve.

Our Alaskan company has staff that have specialized skills and approaches each project with a team-centered approach. We currently employ about 25 specialized architects, engineers and other construction-related consultants.

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